Mauricio Pesutic’s complex moment outside of television and TV series: he told how he does it for a living

Mauricio Pesutic is going through a delicate moment these days. This was revealed in the middle of the interview that Eduardo Fuentes conducted this Wednesday in Good night everyone.

It was on the TVN program where the actor from the emblematic TV series addressed his long absence on television and TV series.

“We haven’t seen you on TV series in a while. What’s up?” the journalist asked. “I don’t know, I would like to know too,” the interpreter replied back.

“They haven’t called me, I don’t know,” he added in the conversation space. In addition, he recalled his glory years on color television, where he was hired by Chilevisión.

“It was a privilege for some of us who were in that case, but that ended a long time ago. The market changed and I haven’t had a chance, they haven’t called me”, he added.

Living off your savings

And along the same lines, Pesutic was honest and revealed how he stops the pot today. “I am living off some savings I put together. I am retired, I earn 210 lucas, but then I support myself with those savings, but I am spending”, he affirmed.

“It affects in the sense that it is one’s job, and being without it is painful. It’s 45 years and suddenly you can’t do your job, that’s the most complex thing for you,” admitted the actor.

He even assured that at the time he also knocked on doors and called on the phone in search of an opportunity, but that at the moment “it has not worked”.

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