Mauricio Israel lost patience and attacked Manuel de Tezanos after fierce ignoring: he “threatened” him live

A controversy of those was the one that was armed in recent days between Mauricio Israel and Manuel de Tezanos, which has the ballheads eating goats.

It all started after some unfiltered sayings launched a couple of weeks ago by the host of Todos Somos Tecnicos, from TNT Sports, who on his Twitch channel, Balong, nothing was held back when speaking of the face of Central Circle.

“I do not see Central circle and I don’t believe 66.7 percent of the journalists who are there. Except for Marco Sotomayor, who has all my respect, “the journalist attacked at the outset, who incidentally touched Felipe Bianchi’s ear, the other panelist in the space.

“We’re not going to believe the Rabbi, please… I don’t believe anything that man says. Why should he believe her? A person who fled the country until his claims for fraud expired? ”, He added.

“A guy who, when I worked with him on Pasión de Primera, played basic Windows solitaire and didn’t watch the games. A guy who was going to talk on the cell phone and came back and commented, as if he were watching the game. Are we going to believe him?” De Tezanos added without anesthesia.

Combos went, combos came…

As if it were the joke of El Flaco de Dinamita Show, in this intersection the combos came and went. In fact, this Sunday Mauricio Israel could not stand the hair and responded to “Manoel”.

The sports commentator took a few minutes on the screen to charge against De Tezanos. And he did it his way, because without naming him, he put an image of the journalist in the background and let off steam.

“Surely you have no idea who it is. Probably, because it doesn’t have any track record”, he dismissed it as soon as it started.

“And he has allowed himself to trash the trajectory of Don Felipe (Bianchi) and mine. I’m tired. I was fifteen years away, I made the mistake of leaving, but I got tired of them talking and not defending myself. And I’m going to use this platform to defend myself as many times as necessary. Because they bored me!” he warned.

Even, to top it off, Israel issued a particular “warning”. “And about this, about what he said, about the garbage dump, next Sunday in Central circle“, warning.

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