Massú: It is sad that Federer is retiring, one would like him to always be on a tennis court

Nicholas Massutwo-time Olympic champion in 2004 and captain of the Chilean Davis Cup team, referred to the retirement of Roger Federer and pointed out that it is sad news for the world of tennis, due to what the figure of the Swiss means for the white sport.

“The truth is that there are very strong feelings, I have known him for so many years, since the time of youth, I had to share with him many times in the professional stage. A spectacular guy, great person. The truth is, he has done so much for the sport, tennis, a phenomenal guy. It is sad that he retires, one would like him to always be on the tennis courts.”declared Massú to Fetech.

“What he has done is something extraordinary, the ease with which he plays, the talent he has. The example he sets for all people, the new generations. I was lucky to be able to share with him for so many yearsMassu added.

Massú also recalled that Federer always expressed respect for his achievements, such as when he won both gold medals at the Athens Olympics.

He always had words of affection and very good vibes towards me. When I won the Olympics, I remember the times he talked about it and my career, the respect he has for all tennis players. That’s why he made a difference off the pitch as well.“, he explained.

“He will be missed, thank him for everything he did and will continue to do, tennis needs him. Sport in general has to be grateful for what it is. It is not easy for us that he retires, because he has given so much to this sport”, concluded Massú.

In professional history Massú and Federer met five times, with a victory for the Chilean, in 2002, on the hard track of Long Island.


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