Marvel will have its own Pokémon Go

Among the announcements that stood out within the Disney video game showcase at the D23 Expo 2022there is one that stands out for the bet it presents and that will seek to get Marvel fans out of their homes.

Is about “Marvel World of Heroes”, an augmented reality (AR) mobile game that will allow Marvel to have its own “Pokémon GO” and, best of all, is developed by the same creators of the Pocket Monsters game, Niantic.

According to the official description, which invites us to become “a Marvel superhero in the real world”we can create our own hero, patrol our neighborhoods to thwart crimes and team up with friends and iconic Marvel heroes like “Spider-Man”, “Captain America” ​​and “Wolverine” to save the Multiverse.

The teaser, which confirms that the title will be available for smartphones in 2023realizes that we can have powers of “Cyclops”, “Thor” and Doctor Strange “.

For now, the territories where it can be played initially have not been reported, although everything indicates that it will begin to be tested in the US and then jump to other countries. From now on you can register on the official site, over hereto stay tuned for news and when the beta test will be enabled.


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