Marvel will have its own Pokémon Go video game

Since pokemon go debuted in 2016, various franchises have tried to present their own versions of the popular video game developed by Niantic. But while you bet like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite they didn’t thrive at the time, now Marvel wants to try and captivate fans with their own title along those lines.

During the video game panel of the D23 Expo, Disney ad that Marvel collaborated with Niantic to make a new type title pokemon go called Marvel World of Heroes.

to big Marvel World of Heroes It will be a mobile game with augmented reality (AR) elements and will invite players to create their own superhero complete with origin story. And, according to the description of the game, from there the players will have to “Patrol your neighborhoods to thwart crimes, complete superhero missions, and stop interdimensional threats.”

In addition, the promise of the game is that by leveling up, players will unlock accessories and abilities, in addition to being able to collaborate with heroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America or fight with known villains and even immerse themselves in the Multiverse.

Watch the announcement trailer for Marvel World of Heroes next:

Marvel World of Heroes It will be released in 2023 for mobile devices.

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