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when it was released in the year 2016, It went from being a company that experimented with augmented reality technology to being one of the companies that made the most money each year with mobile applications. This same technology has been used for titles like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Well now the company seems to point to another success in mobile. During the D23 Expo, the Disney convention, the first trailer for a new video game for Android and iOS.

For now, there are no images of the gameplay but they already imply that each user will create their own superhero and can go out with friends around the city to fight against villains.

The title will be released in 2023 and promises to fulfill the dreams of many Avengers fans around the world. “We are all heroes”, reads the slogan of the new title.

“In MARVEL World of Heroes, players can create their own unique Super Hero identity and origin story. Players must patrol their neighborhoods to foil crimes, complete superhero missions, and thwart interdimensional threats. As players level up, they’ll unlock gear and abilities, joining Marvel Super Heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America and others to battle iconic Super Villains and save the Multiverse from cosmic and terrestrial threats.” , it reads in the description.

Marvel World of Heroes Trailer

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