Mario Velasco spoke of the times when he was “a good womanizer”: he recounted the hard experience that made him change

Mario Velasco spoke of his “womanizer stigma”, recalling that indeed “he was, he was a good womanizer, I had a lot of girlfriends, I enjoyed myself a lot; I cannot distance myself from something that was true.”

However, “people change”, declared the host of star zone (Latin Zone) in conversation with TimeX. “We are talking about when she was 27 years old; and today I am 43″. Moreover, about his present, he stated that “I haven’t had a girlfriend for a long time”, so, “in that sense I have changed a lot”, given that “all human beings mature; some before and others after”.

“Part of maturation is to value what one has at work, in his family, with his partner,” he deepened. “That makes one have another perspective and respect the person they are with much more”, and “at some point I lacked that”.

He had to receive a spoonful of his own medicine to settle down: “When they were unfaithful to me at some point in my life, and I loved that person very much, I understood the pain that I had caused many people before,” he recalled, ” of not taking relationships seriously.

The turn

“From then on, when I became a couple, to be very clear that if I stopped feeling the same for another person, which is super valid, to be clear with that person,” he declared about his life lessons. “That is much more sincere, and it is what I would expect from a couple.”

Therefore, he stated, “I prefer to know where I stand in the relationship, than to find out or realize that the other person is not in the same position because they are being unfaithful to me or because they stopped being the person they were.”

“Obviously, at that time I had that fame, I had to take charge because it was what I had sown and, moreover, publicly,” he remarked. Besides, it had to do with my problem, with yingo (CHV); I understood that it made me appear in the press, ”he mentioned about that plus.

“Then it was also a mixture of several things that I do not regret at all, but, with the maturity that I have, I would have faced it in another way,” he closed.

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