Marciano Cantero, leader and voice of Los Enanitos Verdes, dies

He was one of the most recognizable voices to break into Latin rock during the ’80s., the period in which the genre reigned almost unchecked, especially in the middle of the decade. And especially in Chile.

A legacy that has just come to an end.

According to Argentine media reports, Horacio Eduardo “Marciano” Cantero Hernández, mythical singer, bassist and leader of Los Enanitos Verdes, one of the emblematic bands of Argentine rock, died. He had been hospitalized since the end of August, at the Cuyo Clinic in the City of Mendoza, his hometown.

He was 62 years old.

The artist had been admitted urgently days ago due to abdominal pain, which forced him to be hospitalized. The doctors detected a “kidney condition”. His health picture worsened on Wednesday, September 7, as indicated by relatives. They had removed a kidney and part of the spleen

Minutes after the information about his death was known, his son Javier spoke to the local press at the door of the clinic. “As much as I am very sad, I am 30 and these 30 years that I was able to spend with him was a gift. I can’t help but be happy for the great man he was and for all the love that was returned to him these days,” said the young man.

When asked about his father’s last hours, Javier said: “After the operation he had not so good moments. Today was better, but the truth is that the situation was critical. The truth is that the picture was not very good. I want them to remember him not only as the composer, the singer, the artist he was, but also as a wonderful person and my best friend in the world, “said the singer’s relative in dialogue with Los Andes.

“He always said in all the interviews that ‘Friends’ – because of the song – he composed it because he wanted his son to be his best friend, and it was fulfilled and he knew it, so that leaves me alone, “he completed very embarrassed.

The musician’s departure was abrupt and surprising, since the group had recently finished the tour that celebrated the 40th anniversary of the beginning of his career. They appeared in Mexico and the United States, and in October they planned to travel to Peru.

Cantero was born in the city of Mendoza on August 25, 1960. His first contact with music came when he first heard The Beatles, when he was only 9 years old. In particular he was struck by the bass.

In 1979, together with Felipe Staiti and Daniel Piccolo, he formed Enanitos Verdes. In 1986 they played on the Badia & Cía. program, in front of 300 young people. These presentations would allow him to make the band known in Buenos Aires, which would serve as a platform to achieve great popularity in Latin America.

Before, in 1984 the trio is invited to participate in the “Festival de La Falda”. That year the group was chosen “Revelation Group” of the Festival, being acclaimed by the entire public and the specialized press. After the event, they travel to Buenos Aires, and a new member, Sergio Embroni (guitar and voice) joins as a guest and they record their first LP for the independent record label Mordisco, named homonymously The Green Dwarfsyes

This first album included the theme I’m still singing, which caused an impact on Buenos Aires radio, quickly becoming a “classic” of Argentine rock. In 1985 Embrioni left the band and Tito Dávila joined (keyboards, composer and singer).

In 1986 they released their second album, entitled time trial, with the artistic production of Andrés Calamaro. This album includes songs like Your old letters, every time I say goodbye Y the green wall. Another run of unbeatable classics of trans-Andean rock.

In the fall of 1987 they record the album strange rooms, again produced by Calamaro, including, among other songs, I saw you on a train, for the rest Y The stranger with the long hair. The album was recorded and mixed at Estudios Panda, in Buenos Aires. In this same year Marciano Cantero sings the song You Didn’t Bank (In Sol) On the disk for looking at youby Andres Calamaro.

In 1988 they made an extensive tour of South America, also attending to the success of other countrymen such as Virus or Soda Stereo.. For example, among their great milestones, they performed in 1988 at the Viña Festival, with great success, taking two silver torches.

In 1989 the band paused its success and took a break, as part of the decline of the Argentine rock phenomenon. Of course, his lighter music, with a high pop scope and a more romantic cut, continued to play on the radio.

They came back in 1994. The hit Bolivian lament he returned to monopolize the radios and his name returned to the front page. And the image also characteristic of Cantero, with his glasses, his hair pulled back and his characteristic way of playing the bass.

Cantero also had a profitable solo career. His trajectory started with started with the disk New Moon, which included the hit All Those Moments. She also participated in multiple collaborations, both rock and other genres. In 2019, for example, she was linked to the urban scene, being with Bad Bunny and J Balvin for the theme A weight.

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