Marcelo Ríos hits the table: “They have been attacking me for a long time; the only reason is that for resentful people I cannot give an opinion”

Marcelo Rios speaks out. Or intensify criticism of him. She does it to face the attacks she has received for expressing his position in the exit plebiscite, accompanied by a series of objections regarding the national contingency. Yesterday, it was Horacio de la Peña who came out in his defense. The former coach of Fernando González kept little. “Marcelo Ríos was kicked out by Chile; he is very right wing, very professional, he doesn’t like bums”, the Flea shot in an interview with the Clay Tennis site.

Now, the former number one in world tennis occupies his Instagram account to defend his right to comment. He does it with the intensity he is used to, through his Instagram account, his favorite platform when it comes to revealing a position. “They have attacked me for a long time, for the sole reason that for resentful people I cannot give an opinion because I do it from my palace and I live very well, what some call privileges”, part exposing.

Marcelo Ríos and Juncheng Shang, during one of the training sessions.

Rivers He defends himself, in his style. “I want to tell you that everything I have I earned through effort and nobody gave me anything. For me and for successful people these are not privileges, it is a consequence of the shit that my parents taught me and that I do in everything I set out to do in life”, sentence.

In that scenario, the Lefty of Vitacura tries again a diagnosis of the national reality. “Privileges are being a minor and committing crimes and being free; cheat people with money and not serve your sentence and walk free through life. Win 12 sticks for life if I’m not mistaken, and have no fucking idea of ​​​​governing a country”, he lists.

And he says that he keeps more arguments. “I could go on”, poses. “Successful people are not by chance and neither are lazy ones”, he concludes.insisting on the point of view that he has shown on several occasions in recent times.

Hours earlier, also on Instagram, he had referred to the constitutional plebiscite. “My photos are bad but it is not important, we are hours away from knowing what the future of our beautiful country will be”, wrote. “These have been days of receiving a lot of criticism, threats and disqualifications. I know that one is looking for them, but I say it now that the cards are already down, that my statements and ill-treatment were trying to demonstrate my opinion to this vote that is coming. I apologize to the people attacked and I realize that it was a very exhausting battle of throwing and receiving”, he points out.

“Anyway. It only remains to ask that what happens today unites us as a country and that we return to being a safe Chile, without crime, beautiful and that we once again feel proud of being CHILEAN”, he continues before appealing to the emotional level. “Long live Chile shit”, she closes it.

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