Marcelo Ríos ceases to be the coach of Juncheng Shang

Marcelo Ríos stopped being the coach of the Chinese tennis player Juncheng Shang. The former world number 1 took on the challenge of managing the Asian at the end of July, but the unsustainable relationship with the athlete’s father would have put an end to the relationship between Ríos and Shang.

As reported by La Tercera, the Chilean was notified that he will not continue to be the coach of Jerry. This, despite the 17-year-old climbed 167 places in the ATP ranking since he began his work with “Chino”, in addition to lift his first title at the Challenger level and get another final on the circuit.

They didn’t give me any reason why we broke up, I learned this from my agent who told me ‘bad news, you’re not going to continue with Jerry’. I was just on the plane from Atlanta to Sarasota. I got out and caught Jerry and his parents off guard and asked them ‘so we’re done?’ They didn’t expect me to know, they thought to tell me through the agent. And dad tells me ‘yes’“, exposed Marcelo Ríos in conversation with Third.

The Chilean based in the United States assured that the determination was made by Shang’s father. “I believe that this was a decision of the father, it was not a decision of Jerry. Apart from that, the mom and dad hold each other all day and it hurts the asshole. I told Jerry that I didn’t know him very well and to my dad that he couldn’t be fighting all day. He snaps out of it, starts screaming, or goes to the chucha. It is a very difficult culture, it is very difficult to live with them“, he commented.

I had a run-in with him because in a match I told Jerry ‘finish it here’, as if to say ‘break him here so as not to serve for the match‘. Dad understood any hey and got angry. She told me ‘cut it, Marcelo’ and she exploded. He told me that I can’t tell him that, that he is 17 years old, that he is very young“, revealed.