Man points a gun at Cristina Fernández at the entrance of her house: the gun had bullets in its magazine

A man pointed a gun this Thursday night at the vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández.

The incident occurred at the entrance of the former president’s house, in the Recoleta neighborhood, in Buenos Aires, where hundreds of protesters have been gathering for days to support the vice president in the midst of a trial that follows for corruption.

In the television images you can see a man pointing the gun at Fernández in the middle of a crowd.

Witnesses reported that the individual even fired the weapon but that no shot was fired. “We were in the hubbub of seeing our leader when suddenly there was a riot. We were making a cordon with the companions and suddenly, without saying a word, the man appeared with the weapon. He put the revolver in front of her, Cristina crouched down and several, including militants and guards, reduced him “they specified.

Subject used a 380 caliber pistol and had bullets in its magazineas confirmed by sources of the investigation to the newspaper Clarion.

The Argentine government reported that the man carrying the weapon was arrested moments after he pointed it at the former president.

In the images captured by the different news channels, it can be seen how the custody of Cristina Fernández together with militants of the government coalition, retain the man behind the human fence.

In statements to channel C5N, the Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, indicated that the person was arrested and the weapon is already in the hands of the police. “Now the situation has to be analyzed by our people from Científica to evaluate the traces and the capacity and disposition that this person had”he indicated.

The Secretary of State confirmed to the trans-Andean newspaper Clarín that the person detained is a subject of Brazilian nationality, 35 years old, identified as Fernando Andrés Sabag Montielwho has a criminal record.

Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer, Gregorio Dalbón, commented on the situation: “This means that they take all the things that they say to Cristina, all the threats, to shoot, into a joke. Obviously this is the result of the haters. We are going to go to the bottom of the matter because it is about the vice president.”

Meanwhile, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau, stated that what happened with the former president “It is the product of the days we have been living, of incitement to hatred. The image is terrible because of Cristina’s reaction.”

“When hate and violence are imposed on the debate of ideas, they destroy societies and generate situations like today’s: an assassination attempt. All my solidarity to @CFKArgentina and his family. And my wish that all responsibilities be determined, ”said the Minister of Economy, on Twitter. Serge Massa.

Later, the full cabinet raised its strong rejection of the fact through a statement. “What happened tonight is extremely serious and threatens democracy, institutions and the rule of law”they pointed out, to demand an urgent clarification from the Justice and hold responsible, although in a less direct tone, the “propagation of hate speech” by opponents and the media.

The opposition also expressed its solidarity with Cristina Fernández and asked to investigate the frustrated attack. “My absolute rejection of the attack suffered by Cristina Kirchner, which fortunately has not had consequences for the vice president. This very serious fact requires immediate and profound clarification by the justice system and the security forces,” former President Mauricio Macri, leader of the Together for Change coalition, wrote on Twitter.

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