“Making a homeland…”: Marcela Vacarezza accused that she received “hate and aggressiveness” after sharing a photo celebrating “18” in Miami

In the midst of the National Holidays, Marcela Vacarezza accused through social networks that she had to block some users after sharing a photo celebrating “18” at her home in Miami.

“I never imagined that this tweet would lead me to block so many people. 90% with (tree emoji) ”, she pointed out through his Twitter account.

Along the same lines, he added that “it really is hateful and aggressive that cannot be measured. For everyone else, I say happy holidays again!!”

The tweet that brought out hives among his followers was a photo shared by the ex SQP from his home in the United States, where he is with his family together with Rafael Araneda.

The postcard showed the front of his house with two Chilean flags in the windows. “Making a homeland for our beautiful country! Happy national holidays to all! ”, She wrote next to the image.

Some users quickly came out to attack her for her comment.

“Do you think when you post a tweet?”, “What a shame your comment”, “Making a homeland in the US? Hahahahahaha settlers in the Patagonian mountain range or the Mapuche communities in Nahuelbuta make a homeland…”, “Hanging the flag in the US does not make it more or less patriotic”, “That is not making a homeland, homeland is made when you work for Chile”, were some of the comments received by Marcela.

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