Make way for Dua Lipa to come: the diva who put music in quarantine

In those coincidences that the world of music sometimes gives away, last July a video that went viral on social networks showed Dua Lipa (27), the pop figure of the moment, dancing the Chilean hit of the year in a Madrid nightclub, Ultra Soloby Polimá Westcoast and Pailita. A scene that seems impossible, but that accounts for the global and generational impact that the English-Albanian-Kosovar has generated.

When she found out, Polimá couldn’t believe it. More so when the same star published an image on his Instagram account (where he accumulates a whopping 86 million followers) that he simply titled “ultrasolo”. The same artist assured that he is an enthusiastic follower of the music released by the new pop diva, especially two songs. “I like them New Rules Y don’t liethe one with Sean Paul, I love those”, he told this outlet at the time.

A musical career driven by the record success of his second album, Future Nostalgia (2020), has allowed Dua Lipa to position herself as the female reference of the moment. A scepter conquered in a particular era, in which soloists abound with different proposals; there are the young revelations Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo; the always ambitious Katy Perry; restless Taylor Swift; the still active Lady Gaga; and from the Latin world, Shakira has managed to stay, despite her legal troubles, while Barcelona’s Rosalía, who a few days ago dazzled with a very good show at the Movistar Arena, has managed to impose herself on the global listings.

But in a few days, Dua Lipa’s time will come. His first visit to Chile is scheduled for this Friday, September 16 at the Bicentennial Stadium in La Florida, with tickets totally sold out for months. An expected show as it coincides in timing with the great moment of the artist, which also offers the opportunity to approach the experience of a show that has achieved critical success, by connecting with the always necessary festive mood.

The debut of the singer in the country is framed in the tour Future Nostalgia Tourwhich in South America will also have stops in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. A show that, in keeping with its name, comes from the past; Strictly speaking, it should have started in 2020, as support for the album of the same name released that season, but the covid-19 pandemic said otherwise.

With that forced foot, the tour could only start in February of this year in MiamiYo. “I was dying to hit the road, to finally perform these songs he told NPR’s Morning Edition radio show. When we finally got the chance to go on tour in the United States, there was a rush of excitement and adrenaline.”

Jason Kempin/Getty Images/AFP

From that moment, it was clear that the artist used the time of the quarantine very well. The show drew attention for its scenic ambition that refers to the classic manual of unapologetic pop; costume changes dominated by strong colors and sequins, well-prepared choreographies, balloons, cannons that launch confetti, acrobatic dances that exude a well-crafted sensuality, platforms that rise above the audience, a well-placed voice and stage management that has improved over time. “It may have taken a couple more years to bring Future Nostalgia onstage, but used that time to hone her powers and return as an even stronger and certified pop diva,” wrote critic Celia Almeida’s review for Rolling Stone.

Until now, the Future Nostalgia Tour accumulates over 70 presentations concentrated in Europe and the United States, whose repertoire is based on the aforementioned album. Probably the most celebrated pandemic album of all.

Unlike several artists who decided to postpone their record releases due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, Dua Lipa decided to take a risk. Thus, he advanced a week the release of Future Nostalgia, convinced that he could achieve success. “When the pandemic happened, and everyone was worried about whether we should release the album, I was like…fuck it, maybe that’s just what we need he told the Wall Street Journal in May of this year. While everyone is home, maybe this is the album we should put out. It was scary, because you had no idea how long we were going to be in this pandemic. Everything was a big question mark. But I had a feeling we had to do it.”

Released in March 2020, i.e. when covid-19 was spreading like a plague over the world, the album offered a personal look at dance floor music, in its cross references to 90s pop and 70s disco, ranging from INXS to Gloria Gaynor and Olivia Newton-John. And more importantly, it has managed to position global hits like Don’t start now, Physical Y LevitatingBillboard’s No. 1 song of 2021, which brought him a copyright infringement lawsuit, still ongoing.

In general, reviews of the album highlighted the forcefulness of its material. “In its eleven songs, Future Nostalgiadoes not have fillers and stridently presents the case for Lipa as a pop visionary, not a vessel,” music critic Laura Snape, who gave the album 4 stars out of 5, wrote in The Guardian.

From the US they also joined in the praise. Future Nostalgia is an incredibly fun, cohesive and ambitious attempt to find a place for disco in 2020. Incredibly, Lipa succeeds: The upbeat album she decided to release a week earlier than planned is the perfect balm for a stressful time,” wrote Brittany Spanos in Rolling Stone.

Unable to go on tour due to the pandemic, Dua Lipa wasted no time. He released a string of singles, made videos, released two new album versions (Future Nostalgia Clubremixes and The Moonlight Edition, which includes unreleased songs ), and in tune with industry trends, added collaborations with artists such as Miley Cyrus, J Balvin and Elton John. “The idea that people liked the album was the additional driving force to create new things, work harder and try to give them more experiences,” the singer explained to The Wall Street Journal.

The work paid off; In addition to climbing to the top of the charts in 13 countries, Future Nostalgia It was the second most played album on Spotify in 2021, the season in which it won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Although his identity card says he was born in London in 1995, Dua Lipa is linked by blood to Kosovo. Her name means “love” in Albanian, her mother tongue. Her parents, Dukagjin and Anesa, fled to the UK from Pristina in 1992, like so many Kosovar Albanians during the persecution unleashed by Slobodan Milosevic.

The interest in music, he has told, It came to him from his father who fronted a rock band in Kosovo, and used to play songs by David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Radiohead in hisor home. On her side, little Dua became interested in Nelly Furtado and Pink, in addition to taking her first singing lessons in her childhood.

Dua Lipa in photo for the cover of Rolling Stone, taken by David LaChapelle.

Although the family returned to Pristina for a time, at the age of 15 he asked his parents to return to London to study, but also to start building his future. “I felt I needed to be in London to make my dream come true,” he told the Morning Edition.

Like other millennials, he took advantage of the YouTube platform to publish videos in which he performed songs by Christina Aguilera. At 17, he wrote his first song, lions & tigers & bearswhich can still be heard on your Soundcloud account. The road to fame was long; their first singles New Love Y be the one (both from 2015) did not achieve greater repercussion, but the perseverance, the contract with a talent agency and an intense schedule of presentations gave him more and more popularity.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images/AFP

His self-titled debut album was released in 2017, to good reviews. East It managed to position itself at number 5 on the British album charts and gave it its first number one thanks to the single New Rules (which is usually included in the sets of the tour that brings it to Chile). From there the ascent began.

Like other figures of her generation, Dua Lipa has also dealt with social causes and is not afraid to make her opinion known. She has defined herself as a feminist, she has shown her support for the LGBT community (even waving the flag on stage), she opposed Brexit and has been close to Labor positions in the United Kingdom. “I am always on the side of the oppressed,” she told Vogue.

It has also maintained ties with its origins; In fact, last August she was appointed honorary ambassador of Kosovo, the land of her parents, where she has been organizing the Sunny Hill Festival since 2018.

Hereafter, Dua Lipa is getting ready for her movie debut, in the spy film Argyle, along with Henry Cavill, still without a release date. Meanwhile, he is working on the successor album to Future Nostalgia. “I’m always going to make pop music, but it has its own unique sound, which is exciting and kind of feels like a Future Nostalgia movement,” he told The Wall Street Journal. In all honesty, it’s probably not what my fans want to hear, but I’m in no rush.”

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