Main benefits of Reverse Charge

All users of smart products, whether smartphones, wireless headphones or smart watches, have suffered at some point in their lives the fateful moment of running out of battery, drastically losing what they were doing. At that time, many people do not have an external battery or plug nearby to use, having to wait to get home or somewhere to be able to charge.

Fortunately, there is a somewhat hidden but very valuable function for these moments, which is included in a wide range of Xiaomi equipment, which can be used for almost any product, be it hearing aids, smart watches and even for another smartphone. The above can be transcendental for some important moment, since in a few minutes you will have a battery to continue operating without problems.

What is reverse charging?

Broadly speaking, the reverse charge It basically turns your smartphone into an external battery, allowing you to charge another device wirelessly just by holding it close to its back. Although it does not have as much charging speed as a wall charger, it is extremely effective for times when the battery is running out and there is nothing nearby, being able to reach the end of the day without problems.

The reverse charge It works practically for any product that has the Qi wireless charging standard, being able to charge another smartphone, a wireless headphone box or a smartwatch. The above is essential for occasions where you need to listen to music or use the smartwatch more than normal, with an extra battery boost. The possibilities are quite wide, and a large number of products contemplate this technology.

reverse charge

Xiaomi adopting and innovating

A large number of brand products have compatibility with wireless reverse charging, being able to charge almost any of them. The latest smartphones launched like the Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro They have this technology, being able to charge, for example, other equipment such as Xiaomi FlipBuds Pro wireless headphones, Buds 3T Pro, Buds 3 and Xiaomi Watch S1 GL smart watches.

Reverse charging is gaining more and more strength, since it is vital to be able to have a battery reserve anytime, anywhere, to be able to do everything from the last sport of the day to listening to the playlist on the way home.

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