Lucía Santa Cruz, the Chilean who presented Carlos and Camilla Parker

“Do you mind if Camilla comes up?” The Chilean asked the then heir to the British crown in the early 1970s. That is pointed out as the moment when the two met and began a romance that was interrupted years later.

Prince Carlos is he new monarch of United Kingdom after the death of Queen isabel IIand next to him will reach the throne Camilla Parkerthe Duchess of Cornwall.

Parker is currently Queen Consort, due to her marriage to King Charles III.a relationship that has not been without controversy, because both they had an affair when the member of the British crown was still married to the deceased Diana of Wales.

Nevertheless, Both knew each other years before the marriage of Princess Diana and Carlos.

as collected Vanity Fair, a Chilean played a key role, Lucia Santa Cruz.

By the early 1970s, Santa Cruz -who is the daughter of the then Chilean ambassador in London, Víctor Santa Cruz- and Prince Charles had a relationshipwhich is even noted as “the first love of his life” for the royal.

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Although it is unknown how and when the breakup of that courtship occurredboth remained good friends and, in fact, in 1971 The Chilean was the one who looked for a new love for him.

“My father was ambassador in London for five years and then he returned to Chile. I stayed and it turns out that I lived in the same building as Camilla. She on the first floor and I on the second. We became very close friends, because I was alone and she was very generous and kind to me“Said Lucía Santa Cruz in a biography of Catherine Mayer that was quoted by the aforementioned medium.

Time after, the Chilean was the one who thought that Parker would be the perfect woman for the heir of the british crownstating that she “She was very human and close, a very warm person that I thought it would be good for her to have in her life”.

On one occasion, when he visited Santa Cruz at his house, he asked him: “Do you mind if Camilla comes up?”.

That would have been the first meeting between the twowhich led to an interrupted romance years later as a result of the marriages that each one had with the princess Diana Y Andrew Parker Bowlesrespectively.

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