Lil Nas X will create a LoL skin with Riot Games

Lil Nas X LoL skin

With the World’s 2022 just around the corner, RiotGames begins to transform the previous weeks into a circus with waves of information. After presenting to Lil Nas X What the author of the song of the Worlds 2022 of LOL, RiotGames had one News still up my sleeve. That is why confirms that he is working with Lil Nas X in a appearance prestige of K’Santethe next champion LOL. RiotGames would take the collaboration with the American singer to the next level, involving him in the prestigious edition look of K’Santethe Pride of Nazumah.

Lil Nas X Y LOL will have a great collaboration that we will know completely in detail in weeks with its release. In addition to being the Author and the voice of anthem of the World’s 2022 with the song titled star walkin’, Lil Nas X will create a appearance in the video game. But this does not stop there, since this aspect will not be any. It will be the skin prestigious edition of K’Santethe new champion of LoL, which seems to be close to reaching the video game of RiotGames.

How can you get the Lil Nas X LoL skin?

After the information that K’Santefuture LoL champion will receive a skin that has been created in a collaboration with Lil Nas X. As reported, the aspect will be the prestigious edition from the launch aspect of K’Sante, the pride of Nazumah. The champion will be a top lane tank from a town of shurimaas commented RiotGames in his past champions map. K’Sante will receive this skin, which can be obtained with event coins World’s 2022.

K'Sante x Lil Nas X LoL
Book related to K’Sante next LoL champion

for now It is not known how many we will needbut since it is an aspect of prestigious editionthis could cost 2000 tokens of World’s 2022. How do you know, to get this amount of coins in LoL events, you have to buy the event pass. So if we want to get the look of K’Sante designed by Lil Nas X in collaboration with Riot Games, we must buy the battle pass World’s 2022. As well as we must gather the necessary amount of coins playing games and completing the different missions that contains the pass.

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