“Let him take charge”: the face to face of Steffi Méndez and DJ Méndez in Podemos Hablar due to a particular family decision

This Friday a new chapter of Podemos Hablar was broadcast that featured the participation of Steffi Méndez, Sigrid Alegría, Johnny Herrera and Kanela.

At the beginning, the driver Julio César Rodríguez asked the influencer about the statements made by his father, DJ Méndez, a few weeks ago in the same program. For what father and daughter staged a face to face for her sayings.

It is worth mentioning that Leo Méndez confessed that he wanted to have a child with his new partner, Beatriz Fuentes. “We have a plan two years from now, or suddenly next week,” said the singer, adding that he is undergoing treatment to become a father again.

After this, the influencer reacted to her father’s sayings on the show, assuring that she found out about the idea when, during a live broadcast, she was asked about the sayings.

“I do not agree very much, there are several of us and I think there is still a lot to deliver as a father and I have told him. Now I like my dad’s girlfriend super well, I’ve been getting to know her (…) so far, super good, good relationship, and my dad looks good, “explained Steffi.

Also, on the idea of ​​having another brother, the young woman said “no more, please”. She added that there would be 10 children, since her father’s partner also has her own children and the musician has 6 offspring.

We can talk
We can talk

After this, Leo Méndez entered the studio to meet the influencer face to face and respond to her statements.

“(We are) 100% in it, but she has the right to her opinion, because we are still a large family, she has many brothers, I understand her,” explained the singer.

For her part, the influencer pointed out that “I think you still have a lot to deliver as a dad, the youngest are 15 and 13, and let me remind you what it was like when I was 15″.

“If you noticed I never said from here to tomorrow, obviously it’s all one…” Leo began to say before being interrupted by Steffi. “You said next week, let him take over, please,” the influencer replied.

However, the DJ assured that it would be in at least two more years. For the same reason, Julius Caesar asked him if the idea was questioned a little more after the words of his daughter.

“Yes, because the truth is that my daughter’s opinion and blessing, especially Steffi’s, has always been very important. Thinking of her and feeling of her in my life have a weight, “concluded Leo Méndez.

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