Learn about the advantages and characteristics of the new generation of Samsung tablets

In this edition of your new DNALeo Meyer talked with Manuel RamirezSamsung’s B2B KAM Sellout, on the advantages and main characteristics of tablets.

The new premium range of these devices, as well as other less advanced categories, has interesting virtues that are put at our service. In this way, facilitate daily tasks in areas of study or workin addition to having a good time of detraction.

Among the most outstanding aspects, the specialist points to the technological advances that allowed to configure a friendlier form and composition of these devices.

“If it’s time to travel or go out, it is much more comfortable to take a tablet“, says Ramírez, who also highlights the accessories that can be added. “That it has a keyboard and that it has a pencil, it works like a computer, but it is much lighter and much more practical to transport.”