Laura Boulleau | Alexis Sánchez caused a curious “attack” in France

Laure Boulleau, former figure of PSG and the French women’s team, is one of the most acidic faces on French TV. And in the midst of Alexis Sánchez’s arrival at Marseille, the former soccer player criticized the signing of the Tocopillano. Her phrases went around the world.

“I am not very convinced by this idea. I think he is a player who had a golden age, because he had a lot of energy. He is a daring player, of intensity, but that is linked to his physique”, noted on August 15.

“Since he loses intensity and his physical capacity, his level of play immediately suffers. I have the impression that Alexis has been the shadow of himself for four years.” added that time.

Now, with Ligue 1 already underway, Sánchez has scored four goals in a Marseille shirt and is the team’s undisputed leader. After the last goal against Lille, the fans of Marcelo Bielsa’s former team summoned the face of TV on social networks to retract his words.

On Twitter, every post by Laure Boulleau receives responses from Olympique de Marseille fans. “Admit tonight that you were wrong about Sanchez” or “I hope you get to sleep despite what you see Sanchez doing. There was too much contempt in your statements…” are some of the messages.

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