“Later clearly…”: Arturo Vidal surprised with a response to a query about his return to Colo Colo

Since he set foot in the airport, Arturo Vidal has become a phenomenon in Brazil. And with the passing of the weeks and the matches, he put Flamengo’s “torcedores” into his pocket.

For the same reason, the “King” is one of the figures of the team despite the fact that absolute ownership has not yet been won, the “King” is one of the figures of the team and this Tuesday he was interviewed by the official site of the Cup Liberators. This, in the preview of Mengao’s semifinal duel against Véles Sarsfield.

In this context, the Chilean midfielder was consulted about his desire to return at some point to Colo Colo, a team of which he is a fan and which saw him born in football.

Immediately afterwards, Vidal was honest and confessed that he hopes to return, although at the moment he is enjoying his stay in the country of samba.

“Yes, but I do not know when. I am very happy here in Flamengo, I hope to continue here for a long time, enjoying myself, winning titles. Then clearly I would like to return to Colo Colo ”, he warned.

Pure praise to Colo Colo

In addition, Vidal also took advantage of the instance to fill the Cacique with praise. “Colo Colo he is a lot, he is the one who opened the doors for me, the one who taught me everything that I am professionally,” he said.

He even took a minute to talk about his beginnings. “I started very young, at 12 years old and I left at 19 with the mentality that you also have to have to be there. To be a professional in Colo Colo you have to be very strong-minded and a winner, otherwise you cannot be a footballer, ”he concluded.

It should be remembered that the first leg match between Vélez and Flamengo will be played this Wednesday, August 31, in Argentina. The return, meanwhile, will take place on September 7 in Rio de Janeiro.

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