La Roja wants him everywhere: the strategy of the Chilean team to warm up Darío Osorio on the tour of Europe

In the Chilean National Team they see Darío Osorio as an emblem of the replacement that Eduardo Berizzo longs for. From the Sub 17 of the Red, in which he still did not have a contract with the University of Chile, the flyer called the attention of the officials who walk through Quilín every day. Francis Cagigao, the sports director, asked to pay attention to what is now the jewel of the team that trains at La Cisterna.

Your encouraging present made Eduardo Berizzo consider him for the tour of friendlies that the adult Red performs in Europe. Morocco, in the duel that will be played this Friday, and Qatar, next Tuesday, are the games in which the U player bets to add minutes. El Toto, in Europe, already wants to start designing the plan with the 2026 World Cup in mind.

Berizzo has spared no praise for the footballer. He did it in the last friendly duel of the Sub 23 against Peru, in Iquique. “Darío is a young talent, who in each control intervention with the ball shows the speed of what he is capable of, the technical capacity he has at a very high speed”, Said, on that occasion, the DT. “He is an unbalanced player, who when he finds the ball in a painful sector of the field for the rival becomes dangerous. In the first part he found those situations, in the second a little less, but he was responsible for the centers that generated danger ”he reflected.

The truth is that Osorio is loved everywhere. La Roja Sub 20, a category that he can still defend, since he is 18 years old, is also getting ready for a series of matches that will be valid for the Copa Costa Cálida Supercup, which will be played in Pinatar, in Spain. This Wednesday, at 3:00 p.m., La Rojita will face England, in a duel in which those led by Patricio Ormazábal prepare for the next South American to be played in 2023.

Faced with such a scenario, Osorio was present this Monday, during the night, in Pinatar. He traveled from Barcelona, ​​where the senior team is based, to join his teammates. He did it accompanied by Francis Cagigao, the sports manager. He will play against the Europeans and after the game he will rejoin the absolute Red team thinking about the duel against Morocco.

“It is very important for Darío Osorio to add minutes with the Chilean Sub 20. It gives you an international baggage. With the adult team, he should also add minutes, ”they say from La Roja. In the U20 National Team, however, the absence of soccer players they considered key to this tour continues to be sad: the U did not give Lucas Asaddi or Marcelo Morales, for the Copa Chile duels against Universidad Católica, which will be played from this Sunday. Nor was Bastián Roco, from Huachipato, transferred.

Among those summoned, the presence of three players who are not active in the local environment is striking. Sebastien Pineau (Alianza Lima), who stands out for having Peruvian and Chilean nationality, will be the offensive card of Ormazábal’s team. The player, according to his own words, will decide after this call if he defends the Inca country or the Red. There is also the Chilean-American goalkeeper Vicente Reyes (Atlanta United) and the Argentine-Chilean defender Tomás Avilés (Racing Club of Argentina).

Colo Colo, meanwhile, is the team that contributes the most soccer players: goalkeeper Eduardo Villanueva, defenders Darko Fiamengo and Daniel Gutiérrez, and striker Jordhy Thompson. The U added Yahir Salazar, Renato Cordero and Renato Huerta. Finally, the UC integrated Thomas Gillier and Sebastián Pino.

After the game against England, the Red Sub 20 will play on Saturday 24 against Australia. His participation will end on Tuesday 27 against Morocco.

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