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We appreciate the copy of Kirby’s Dream Buffet for your review.

Our strawberry bubblegum hero is back in a new non-diabetic experience, with a tremendous focus on sweets, cakes and things that would make us go up two pants sizes in half an hour, Kirby’s Dream Buffet it made us want to take a good bite out of our Nintendo Switch on more than one occasion.

Focused on competitive minigames in the style of Fall Guys, Dream Buffet adds certain elements to the formula (apart from a diabetic coma), for example, here there is a maximum of four players (although at the beginning of each race there will be 4 extras generated by the computer), plus whoever is eliminated does not lose, but who fills up more with food.

Although the scenarios are usually random, they handle similar sequences, obstacles, a minigame, and a round to choose the winner, although from time to time different elements or scenarios are added, so there will always be one or another surprise when playing with your friends .

Kirby's Dream Buffet

As we told you, it’s not always about reaching the end of the stage first, because you’ll have to eat as many strawberries to become bigger and faster, but all this while choosing the best route with the most food, with obstacles that fit your size, etc.

Obviously being a game of kirby you’re going to have multiple transformations, this time very much in the style of Mario Kart, like a chili that gives you a turbo, a tornado that eats everything in its path, including a jump that gets you far ahead of the stage if you go to the very bottom. You can also expect many of the different versions of kirbywhich serve as skins that you will earn as you progress.

Kirby's Dream Buffet

Of course, we do not know if it is a design thing or a game error, but it becomes somewhat frustrating that if something touches you, no matter how small the obstacle, you immediately lose a lot of your momentumadded to the null camera control, so sometimes you will not be able to know exactly what is in front of your path.

As we told you, the last mode of each game is based on seeing who manages to survive being thrown into the void, but obviously whoever has had the most fruits (and collects the ones that fall) is the biggest character, so they usually go against you, and being a playoff obviously you’ll have a lot of chaos in between.

In one way or another, this is all that the game can offer you in broad strokes, because even if you play a solo race you will not be able to choose the level you want, there is no story mode, but there are many collectibles to collect such as music, costumes, levels, etc.

We understand that it is possible to play with more people if everyone has a Switch and a copy of the game, but we couldn’t really test this mode (being hermits and not having friends with Switch).

conclusion of Kirby’s Dream Buffet:

Kirby's Dream Buffet

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a “nice” answer to Fall Guyswith new elements to the formula that will keep you glued to the console asking for one more game.

Obviously, being a game focused on competition, do not expect to experience it 100% if you play it alone, which is possible, but we recommend you play it with friends.

In any case, this is a great way to play something like Fall Guys in the family, especially with young children, and outside of everything, if it becomes addictive in the long run.

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