Key test for La Roja in its dream of signing up in Qatar: British newspaper publishes Byron Castillo’s alleged confession in which he admits to being Colombian and not Ecuadorian

The dream of reaching the World Cup in Qatar acquires a new spirit for Chile, after the British newspaper Daily Mail will publish the audio of an interview in which Byron Castillo acknowledges the adulteration of his documents in order to play with Ecuador.

The testimony dates from 2018, when North America, the team that registered him, was suspended by the Ecuadorian Football Federation, after being found guilty of sponsoring and profiting from the players’ falsified documents. This forced the FEF to create an independent Commission of Inquiry to look into the problem of fake passports being used by football clubs across the country.

The key interview with Castillo took place in December 2018. In the conversation, the investigator asks Castillo: “When exactly was he born?”, to which he replies: “In 95″. The researcher’s next question is: “And what year is the identity card?”. “98 ″ ‘, he replies.

Castillo is then asked what their real names are, to which it indicates: “Bayron Javier Castillo Segura”.

“It’s me and a sister. My sister’s name is Maria Eugenia. My father’s name is Harrinson Javier and my mother is Olga Eugenia Segura Ortiz. They know everything…”he added when asked about his family composition.

According to the aforementioned British media, the origin of the recording comes from a formal interview conducted by the head of the FEF Investigative Commission with Castillo in 2018. The same newspaper had also published a letter outlining the conclusions of that commission, which were delivered to the federation’s helmsman and to the Disciplinary Commission in December of that year.

The report states that Castillo is of Colombian nationality and was born in Tumaco in 1995, in addition to adding that they have audio proof of the player’s confession. Despite this, in 2019 the FEF officially ruled that Castillo was an Ecuadorian citizen.

The Chilean case focuses on the argument that Castillo was born in Tumaco, Colombia, in 1995, while his passports indicate that he was born in 1998 in General Villamil, Ecuador. Thus, two birth certificates are circulating that record slightly different names related to the player that were also published today by Sportsmail: one from Colombia (Bayron Javier Castillo Segura) and another from Ecuador (Byron David Castillo Segura). The Colombian certificate states that Castillo was born on July 25, 1995 and the Ecuadorian certificate has a date of birth of November 10, 1998.

The same media ensures that Ecuador risks being expelled for the foul committed. “Ecuador faces being kicked out of the World Cup over the revelation of new evidence of false passports, multiple identities and an apparent cover-up…with audio and documents confirming Byron Castillo WAS BORN in Colombia”assures the report.

This Thursday the virtual hearing will take place before FIFA, where the player from León de México is summoned. However, his lawyer announced that he will not attend the summons.

“He has no legal obligation to appear, he is not a party. In a trial, if my witnesses decide not to go, I can’t force them. It’s not like the United States… This ‘game’ can be played for three days in a row, ten times, and the result will remain the same. If Mr. Carlezzo wants to sell smoke to his people, this result will continue to be favorable to the Ecuadorian Federation by a landslide “expressed the jurist Andrés Holguín, in statements to radio station La Redonda.

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