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In the last Unpacked, Samsung presented the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, the high-end headphones that offer an experience focused on you.

During the past Galaxy Unpacked, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, earphones that deliver an immersive wireless audio experience. With a new compact design and seamless connectivity seamless for any aspect of your daily life, Galaxy Buds2 Pro are the most comfortable and secure companions for work, play or sports.

If you are looking for immersive audio experiences, a design that is as comfortable as it is functional, or you need headphones that allow you to take calls at any time, Galaxy Buds2 Pro are the ideal option. Find out all the details below.

Immerse yourself in the best audio experience

The new Galaxy Buds2 Pro offer the most immersive audio experiences yet within the Galaxy Buds portfolio. For music lovers, the new headphones provide the perfect way to enjoy your favorite albums, due to its high dynamic range and crystal clear sound resolution, now in 24-bit Wireless Hi-Fi Audio, allowing you to listen even the quietest melodies or the most nuanced harmonies.

Plus, Intelligent 360 Audio lets you experience your favorite concert on YouTube as if you were in the crowd, thanks to deeper, more intense audio that provides full surround sound to fully immerse you in the venue.

Stay connected and focused with powerful ANC

The Galaxy Buds2 Pro are not only perfect for any music fan, they are also the perfect solution for professionals and students who need maximum concentration at work or school. Thanks to powerful Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), it’s now much easier to stay productive and focused when working on a project.

Improved by 40% compared to the previous model, Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s ANC features ensure you only hear what you want to hear while canceling out unnecessary noise. Thanks to the improved ANC, these Pro headphones are really capable of helping you in various aspects of your daily life, allowing you to stay connected and in tune wherever you are.

Its new compact design is 15% smaller than the previous model and also features improved designs on both its vent and windshield. These enhancements allow air to move more efficiently through the ear cups, while maintaining sound clarity. All for your greatest comfort while you immerse yourself in your favorite media or pay attention to an important call.

The enhanced features of the new Galaxy Buds2 Pro make them a truly must-have accessory for those seeking premium audio experiences that can fit any lifestyle. With the introduction of this latest member of the headphone range, Samsung continues to innovate this market with top-of-the-line features that provide the best wireless audio experience.


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