José Luis Repenning said goodbye to Mega with a special record compiling his first and last days at the station

During the day of this Thursday it was confirmed that the journalist José Luis Repenning left Mega to join Channel 13.

Through a statement, Megamedia confirmed his departure, thanking him for his work after more than 20 years at the station.

The journalist took advantage of the moment to say goodbye to his colleagues, sharing a video on his social networks with a compilation of various broadcasts on the channel’s newscast.

“Work and grace of my great friends, especially @sebasanchezr and @pipebobadilla!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore you!! To all the great team! ”, He pointed out, receiving affectionate messages and good wishes.

air farewell

Hours before, José Luis Repenning took the opportunity to say goodbye on the air in his radio program “Meganoticias a Tiempo Juntos” thanking the support after his special decision.

“I only came to interrupt to say goodbye and to thank you for all your love. To tell you it is true, I am going to Channel 13 to undertake new directions, new challenges, new adventures that obviously one wants to put all the heart in the world, but part of my heart stays here, in this great wonderful house, “he said.

“My home for more than 20 years… I came to do the practice in December 2001, that is, I’m really going to be 21 years old… I didn’t have gray hair, I was skinnier, I had less crow’s feet,” Repenning reflected.

“Thank you for the opportunity Armando and to FM Tiempo for being able to say goodbye to so many wonderful people that… I follow you through Instagram so I will be up to date with what is happening with all of you. I love you very much, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you (…) I only have words to say thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you very much, “he added with emotion.

Look the following video:

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