José Luis Repenning arrives at 13: he appeared on screen as a surprise

Minutes before the end of this Wednesday’s T13 AM newscast, the journalist appeared on the screen and was received by Polo Ramírez and Natalia López.

This Wednesday morning the incorporation of the journalist became official Joseph Louis Repenning to Channel 13.

It was at the end of the morning news, T13 AM, when the space drivers, Polo Ramírez and Natalia López welcomed the communicatorwho entered the studio pretending to be lost.

“Excuse me, good morning, how are you? Is this studio 1 or 5? I just arrived, I’m new and I don’t know where to go“, began by saying José Luis, between laughs.

“We know him, welcome. Nice shirt,” Polo told him, giving him a big hug. “As of today, José Luis Repenning is from Channel 13, he belongs to us”added the news driver.

After the cordial welcome, ‘Repe’ indicated that he was very happy to arrive at a historic canal. “It is a very important jump. I am very happy, with high expectationsand above all happy to work with this human group that is dry and wonderful and that I also know them,” he said.

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In a joking tone, Polo then told the journalist that he knew someone who could take him on a tour of the canal. “I know a person who can give you a very good tour”he told her laughing. “Who?” asked José Luis.

I’m going to introduce her to you, she’s going to give you a very good tourshow you all the studios and facilities here on Channel 13,” Ramírez replied.

Finally, when asked about his participation in the television station, Repenning did not provide further details and mentioned that for now he was just touring and getting to know the channel. “I am nervous”he concluded.

José Luis Repenning joins Channel 13: Journalist appeared as a surprise in the middle of the morning news


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