Jorge Valdivia attacks Borghi

The controversy between Claudio Borghi and Jorge Valdivia got out of control. This Thursday, the ‘Wizard’ criticized the former DT of the Red in an interview with Thirdmedium where he gave his answer to ‘Bichi’, who a few days ago revived the Baptizazo and pointed out that the job that the former midfielder got at Radio ADN is due to the fact that he rejected the offer at the radio station.

It all started a few days ago, when in an interview with Jorge Sampaoli, Valdivia slipped a lawsuit against Borghi, saying that “the work of you (Sampaoli) and Marcelo Bielsa was spectacular, but we must not forget that Between his arrival there was another coach (Claudio Borghi) with whom nothing happened, with the same squad”. From there, the war broke out, which added a new chapter today and where Valdivia literally tears the former strategist to pieces.

“He says that his team was first, but that doesn’t mean anything. What matters in this is to qualify for the world championships, it is to be champion, win things, and not go first three or four dates, because it does not indicate anything. It surprises me that a guy brags that he was first in a Qualifiers when they kick him out for poor results and then a coach arrives who classifies that team for the World Cup, ”he started by saying.

Later, he continued to criticize his work as a coach. In a past interview, Borghi downplayed the discussion, saying he only got into “big dog fights.” Valdivia replied: “I was surprised by that answer. Show the true face of him. Although he was in a National Team that was world champion, he did not have much participation. It should be noted that he was world champion, that he was a great player, but unfortunately he did not play in any of the teams that he played. The great Bichi Borghi is from Argentinos Juniors. As a player he had a career that is not a big dog. Big dogs are Arturo Vidal, Alexis Sánchez, Claudio Bravo”.

And followed: “I don’t consider him a big dog, because as a trainer he wasn’t a big dog either. Knowing very little, he was able to be champion four times with a Colo Colo full of stars. What I do highlight is that with a team like Argentinos Juniors, because afterwards… very little”.

However, the most serious accusation of the ‘Wizard’ has to do with an alleged indiscipline by Borghi, when he directed the National Team: “I was wrong (at the Baptizazo). I feel that the punishment is fine because we failed to comply with an order. But Borghi had to handle himself the same way he did the day before, because before our baptism a player arrived with a broken head from a party. Furthermore, when he speaks of indiscipline, I don’t think that Bielsa or Sampaoli used Juan Pinto Durán on Mondays to have barbecues with friends”.

“He should not forget what happened in Spain when he does not get on the bus in good condition. He talked a lot, it was commented, it was speculated, that he got on the bus in a doubtful state. It was played at the Espanyol stadium, on that tour. No player told me that. If he was drunk? That’s how it is. A leader saw it. Let Borghi not forget that we shared his representatives with his friends in the concentration halls of the Copa América in Venezuela. He let his representative friends in to drink freely,” he accused.

Finally, Valdivia warned: “Just as he feels empowered to say something about me, I can also do it because I was his player in Colo Colo, in the National Team.. So, if we want to start seeing luck among gypsies, I don’t have any problem. I’m not afraid, we are the two greats. He, who feels free, but I’m going to feel the same.

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