Jorge Sampaoli: “The moment of the U is one of total decline, its worst enemy is its leadership; the situation is insurmountable”

Jorge Sampaoli is in Brazil. In the country he led a couple of years ago, Santos and Atletico Mineirothe former University of Chile coach is based after his departure from Olympique de Marseille, in France.

Beyond today not being directing, the transandino follows the present of the activity. Especially when Universidad de Chile, the club that gave way to the Chilean National Team, is at the bottom of the standings. Although the blues beat Palestino hard, relegation continues to haunt the team that trains at La Cisterna.

“I see some games of the U, very few. The moment of the U is one of total decline, the responsibility of those who lead it have led the club to a situation of impoverishment. The worst enemy that the U has is its driving. Attributing to players, coaching staff, is excessive. It saddens me to see the U play, because I was there, because I have many memories. But the situation is insurmountable, beyond saving the category. Either it is the end of the U, or it is the privatization of a club. There are situations for the future. There is a great lack of respect for the people of the U from the leadership, ”said the man from Casildense in a conversation with Radio ADN.

“I once said that if the U needed me, I would be there. But if it was managed by its people, but with these people I would not try to help the U. Nor do I know where I will be when that possibility is required. When there is someone of popular sentiment, and seeing where he is, I will see him. I am very grateful to the U. But I am not going to be an accomplice of what is happening at the University of Chile”He launched.

At the same time, the DT recognized that he loved Jorge Valdivia during his time at the University of Chile. “Yes, I wanted it in the U. When we started the follow-up much more closely on the displacement in the field. Until José Amador appeared. Even when we followed his stage in Palmeiras, that you only saved the team from relegation, we saw a player who just needed to be located ”said.

Sampaoli also had words for the arrival of Alexis Sánchez at Olympique de Marseille, his last club in Europe. “I always tried to get Alexis to go to the club. When I planned this season, Alexis was a priority. The city is very heterogeneous, many nationalities, a lot of passion, a lot of madness. Sometimes excessive. It is a place of extreme passion and sometimes we footballers and coaches are the social comforters. Because when you don’t win there’s a lot of buzz. And when you win, it’s all in a lot of excess, ”he launched. “Players like Alexis can play from three quarters forward, anywhere. Alexis was a footballing, natural relationship, which allowed us to achieve some things through his ability ”he complemented.

Regarding his departure from Chile, Sampaoli does not forget the bad times he spent in the Red. Especially when he ended up leaving the country accusing himself of feeling like a “hostage”. Today, with the ANFP, he has a lawsuit underway for more than $3.3 billion.

“I did not feel valued, like many players who achieved something incredible. And I am in this talk because Jorge (Valdivia) is there, because I owe them a lot. I was able to go to Europe, to the Argentine National Team. The Federation’s treatment of the entire coaching staff, including a lot of soccer players, was ridiculous. We only accompany a group that achieved many things. I understand that the culture of Chile has a little difficulty accepting the winners, and this generation gave a lot of joy. I was upset with what they did not value “he complemented. “The lawsuit is related to the fact that the Federation did not pay taxes on our jobs and we had to take care of that. Another bad thank you, because we had to take care of taxes that did not correspond to us”he added.

In relation to his future, Sampaoli ruled out having received offers to take on the Brazilian National Team. Once the Qatar 2022 World Cup is over, Tite will leave the Scratch bench.

“No, it’s all guesswork to fill in the blank. I’m telling you, he had no approach, nor did I talk to anyone. In Brazil I had two very good years, continued. This is one of the most competitive tournaments in the world. Brazil is very competitive, because unlike other leagues there are seven or eight teams that can fight for the tournament. The fact of showing my way of feeling soccer generated expectations at the Brazilian level. And since I am also living in Brazil because I have two Brazilian children, it could be. But no, it’s not like that.”

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