JC Rodríguez’s “disrespectful” question to Don Francisco: he was shot in the butt

Mario Kreutzberger, that is to say, Don Francisco, returned to star in a new chapter of the late but with respect (CHV), after having been in October 2021.

Already entering the end of the episode, Julio César Rodríguez decided to ask him the famous “disrespectful question”, after which he launched:

—Don Francisco, once again said that it is his last year at the head of the Telethon… Who has to replace him leading the next Telethon?

Subsequently, the formerGiant Saturday He left saying: “I have to answer several things”. First, “I’m not saying I’m retiring, what I’m saying is ‘I’m stepping aside'”.

That said, he proceeded to explain what that statement means, “because people always think of the Telethon program, at 27 hours”, but explained that he will no longer be in “the organization of the campaign, in advertising or speaking with the sponsors. However, “I am willing to be consulted or asked for whatever they need,” he clarified.

—And in the 27 hours?

“Who replaces me?” A brand that we have created together —she answered and then lashed out—: Except for you because you haven’t been to the Telethon.

—Any stick has thrown me —commented the interviewer—… Hey, I went back with the disrespectful question.

“… But all those who have collaborated have created the brand,” Don Francisco continued with his reply. Where will each one arrive in this campaign? It is as far as you have the will.

Faced with the possibility of having a closure at the National Stadium, he was open to the chance. Later, the animator sank his teeth into JC again: “Are you going to go to this year’s Telethon or not?”

JC took the poto out of the syringe and replied: “They are very traitors,” he told the people behind the camera. “They have fueled Don Francisco’s cueca all the time,” she concluded. Although, later on, he was open to participate if he did not touch him so late, arguing that he usually goes to bed early.

Relive the moment here

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