Javier Campora | He was “9″ from Colo Colo and today he works in construction: “Santiago was like the US”

Javier Cámpora is 42 years old and has long since left professional football. The Argentine became known in Chile for his steps in Deportes Concepción (2005) and Colo Colo (2010). From his native Rosario, the former trans-Andean attacker spoke with AS and reviewed his experiences between Biobío and Macul.

“I am playing in the senior tournament with Rosario Central along with several friends and former teammates. I went back to the place where it all started, where I was trained as a player and where they taught me values. As a father of a family, I want to instill in my children everything I learned there,” says Cámpora.

– How is that senior tournament?

– It is a regional tournament, but what they want is to unify and play it throughout the country. For now it is amateur and requires a lot of cost. Last tournament we were champions and the idea for the future is to play with teams from Buenos Aires, but that will take time.

– Are you dedicated only to that or do you work on something else?

– I’m in construction, I always liked it. With my partner we have built parking lots and commercial premises. Today I am lucky to live from that. I like the theme. And the football? They offered me to be a representative, but I have that there, evaluating. And not technical, because it would be going back to the old days: concentrations, weekends, etc. Today, I don’t change my family and friends for anything (laughs).

– What do you remember about Chile? First he played in Concepción…

– I will always be grateful to Chile. Óscar del Solar went to look for me to play in Conce, I had little continuity in Rosario Central and I went. I played a lot, I scored a lot of goals and I left several friends. Because of how well I did in Conce, I was able to return to Argentina, I was a top scorer in Tiro Federal and that allowed me to stay up in the race. Until then I called to ask for a team and then they started calling me from the clubs (laughs).

– Then he played in Colo Colo, I imagine these are big words…

– In Colo Colo the only thing you have to worry about is playing soccer well. The place to train is tremendous and the employees are concerned that the footballers lack nothing. It is the biggest club in Chile and everything that surrounds it is beautiful. Also, Santiago quite surprised me. I have gone to many places thanks to soccer and, without detracting from other cities, it seems to me the closest thing to the United States, it is the first world. I lived in El Golf in Las Condes and it was beautiful.

– Did you have any thorn in Colo Colo? That team lost the tournament in the end with UC…

– I think that was the campus with the most technical richness that I was on. I would have liked to play more, because Esteban Paredes and Ezequiel Miralles were there, who were doing very well. Paredes reminded me a lot of Salvador Cabañas. Physically, he was similar and he had everything the play required: he thought of something and always executed it well. He had incredible ability, a phenomenon. He held the ball, played one touch, accelerated, hit the goal and it was a goal.

– You are remembered for the famous “pennant goal” in a Superclásico against U. With that goal they tied 2-2 in the last minute. How do you remember?

My children see it and tell me that today with the VAR they would have canceled it (laughs). It was a very emotional game, with back and forth, it rained a lot…. In those plays I would put myself offside on purpose and then go out to drag the mark, but this time it took me a little longer than usual (laughs). The line had the bad luck that the pennant fell off, when he looked up I was already enabled and I scored the goal…

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