James Vargas | The passage through the U of promising goalkeeper of the B: “I did not dimension what it was like to be there”

Jaime Vargas was at Universidad de Chile between Sub 11 and Sub 13. Although his conditions were weighted in the club, not traveling every day from San Vicente de Tagua Tagua to the CDA led the blues to decide not to have him anymore. In a chat with AS Chile he relives that stage.

– He spent two years at the University of Chile. Did you manage to size it?

– In those moments I didn’t dimension what it was like to be there because I was very young. My dad did tell me ‘look at the opportunity you have’, but I never paid him the necessary attention. I could have continued there, I didn’t leave due to lack of conditions, but now that I’m older I think it’s different being in the U, with all the comforts that a team in the First Division has, than being in a team like Recoleta, which doesn’t it lacks, but neither does it spare anything. There one begins to value more what he had and what he no longer has.

– And that decision to leave was yours?

– Nerd. She went through the ‘profes’ there. At that time I had not yet gone to live in Santiago, so I could not go to train every day. I was very late in my work, but I was at the level that was required of me.

– So from the club they felt that they couldn’t get the most out of him based on the fact that he couldn’t go every day?

– Of course. I was not as I should have been, because when you dedicate yourself to something, you have to be from Monday to Monday and full every day.

– Was there a family plan for you to move to Santiago and thus continue in the U?

– At one point they talked, but my mom never said yes (laughs). When I went to Deportes Recoleta in 2019, it was without her permission. Until today she tells me to return (laughs). My dad supported me and clashed with my mom for that (laughs).

– Now that your mother sees you play, what does she say?

– Every time I come to San Vicente he tells me to stay, not to return to Santiago (laughs). It’s hard for her to accept it, but now she understands more what my profession is and what I want to do.

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