“It’s very easy …”: Laura Prieto’s unexpected joke about Julio César Rodríguez

Laura Prieto joined as a panelist on Fridays I Late Prime, where he has made several confessions about his personal life and specifically about his relationship with Julio César Rodríguez. In this chapter, the model could not stand it and she launched a joke about her ex that did not go unnoticed.

For this Friday, in the entertainment program conducted by Daniel Fuenzalida they had Ana María Muñoz, known as “la Zapallito Italiano”, as a guest.

It was then that they asked him directly which morning host he preferred: José Antonio Neme or Julio César Rodríguez.

Ana María chose the driver of Pleased to meet you and released an amusing confession about an encounter with Julius Caesar.

“When I gave Julio the opportunity, he didn’t want to,” he confessed.

For her part, Laura launched a striking joke about her expololo. “Really? I hate you? How strange because it is very easy, I tell you…”, the Uruguayan model pointed out with a laugh.

“Julio cannot be defended,” Vidal pointed out while the rest of the panel laughed.

It is worth mentioning that a few weeks ago, Laura referred to the prejudices with which she has lived after her relationship with the driver and spoke about her efforts to distance herself from him.

“I run a lot with that stigma, especially on social networks (…) and they kind of tell me ‘hey, is Julius Caesar still supporting you?’ And he is like crazy, I get my crest working, I have my ventures, I support myself, “revealed the model in the same program.

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