“It’s super tempting”: Daniela Aránguiz revealed that she has received offers to create an Onlyfans

The former Mekano girl, Daniela Aránguiz surprised after revealing that she thought about the possibility of opening an adult content account.

Through a conversation with Convos, the former participant of El Discípulo del Chef addressed various topics, including his controversy with Karen Bejaranoin addition to her experiences in social networks confessing that if she were single, she would not use Tinder.

“I think that those Tinder connections are useless for anything other than going to bed, but sometimes it works… I have nothing against it, but it would bother me because I’m more of a skin,” he confessed, revealing that he has explored with the networks social.

“A while ago I wanted to have TikTok. I made a video and my daughter told me that all her friends had TikTok… she didn’t tell me ‘I don’t want you to have it’, but she made me understand. I thought ‘it bothers her’, and since it bothers her and I love her, I don’t have to do it, ”she said, revealing that that’s why she ruled out uploading adult content.

“Another example: I have been offered a thousand times to open an OnlyFans. Economically, it is super tempting, and I have nothing against it because I have already done it, ”he reflected, referring to his experience working in the H magazine for adult content at 19 years old.

“I am not closed to the fact that maybe later on, yes”

“I didn’t show anything that explicit, but it was very sensual/sexual. I took several photos in underwear or bikinis, which were fashionable when I was in Mekano. But now that my children are grown, they go to school, it would complicate me, ”she assured.

“I have said no many times to OnlyFans, since there are many girls who have 100% respect and are within their rights to do so. Some of my friends that I adore, like Fran Undurraga or Adriana Barrientos, are doing super well and it’s tempting, “said Daniela Aránguiz thinking about the event.

“I wouldn’t do it now. I do not close to that maybe later yes. I never close the door, and I don’t know if in a few years I will have the need to do so, ”she added without ruling out the idea.

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