“It’s not fresh …”: Kel Calderón gave details of the requirements that her ideal man should have

The influencer Kel Calderón surprised her followers after referring to what her ideal man should be like.

The young woman answered various questions from her followers through her Instagram stories, where in addition to remembering the fight of his father Hernán Calderón Salinas against the bugreferred to his interests in men.

A user asked Raquel Argandoña’s daughter what a man had to have to be her partner and that it was difficult to satisfy, to which she answered directly.

“The second part of the question made me laugh. About the first thing: I like that they respect me, that they prioritize me and that we can form a team and grow together. I like that they give me the space to be vulnerable and show my weak points without being afraid that they will later use them against me, ”she expressed.

your requirements

“And don’t be scared or feel threatened when they see me strong or doing well (never a competition between us). If you like to travel a lot and share a good red wine, I’m not complaining either. OH!! And yes or yes, it has to be an animal lover, that is not tradable (Marti and Lucifer above all) ”, Calderón pointed out, referring to his pets.

“Am I hard to please? I find that I am not and that I am a love, “he affirmed, while another follower made him see that he asked” many things “for his suitors.

“Did it seem like a lot to you? Hahahaha it’s not fresh and it’s not much! For the rest, my rule is ‘never ask for anything that I don’t bring to the table myself’”, she added, surprising her with what she said.

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