“It’s always good to laugh at yourself…”: President Boric reacts to the trolling that Jimmy Fallon dedicated to him

This Wednesday, within the framework of his tour of the United States, which he had, for example, in the tribute to the 50th anniversary of the historic speech that Salvador Allende gave at the UN, President Gabriel Boric was one of the protagonists of a fun performance.

Of course, because one of the most prominent American comedians, presenter Jimmy Fallon, made a monologue on his talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonwhere he reviewed several of the leaders who came to New York these days to present themselves at the organization’s assembly.

Then, behind him, the image of President Boric unfolded. “Here is the president of Chile,” Fallon introduced him, and then launched:

“He looks more like the president of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.”

Finally, he imitated her pose:

And what happened?

Before the stir in social networks, a user tagged President Boric, asking him what he thought about the imitation of Fallon and that it has been replicated in the national media.

“I find that it is always good to laugh at oneself, even if that is not what the publication intends,” the president replied.

And later on his Twitter account he posted the video with a message:

“I found it funny and even an honor, look,” he released, adding two emojis: that of a ship captain and a wave…

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