“It’s a pretty serious reason”: they reveal the real reason for the break between Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichin

This Monday from Argentina they launched a bomb for the world of entertainment: Benjamín Vicuña and Eli Sulichin separated.

According to the journalist Yanina Latorre in LAM, the decision would have been made by the trans-Andean. “She decided to finish, there was no conflict or fight (…) he did not expect it, they were fine, but well, very different lives, very different trips,” the communicator assured.

However, in the program I beat This Tuesday, they contacted the journalist Mario Solís, who revealed the alleged true reason for the break between the actor and Argentina.

A betrayal

“It was not her who made the cut, it was not her who ended the relationship. There is an underlying reason that is a very serious reason, “the communicator launched at the beginning.

He also explained that “until two weeks ago, they even had plans for a baby, there were plans to unite their lives, for marriage. From one moment to another there is talk of this court.

“During the afternoon it transpired that Benjamín Vicuña would have been the one who requested to end the relationship because he realized that there was a factor that determined that… there was information that was leaking from his personal life,” Solís said.

Along the same lines, he revealed that “this information came precisely from Eli Sulichin. During the last few weeks, everything that Benjamín Vicuña did was known.”

I beat
I beat

The journalist explained that when he traveled to Chile to visit his father or the conflicts with his work team, it leaked. “That’s when he decides to end this relationship,” he said.

“He was surprised because every time he arrived at the airport the press already knew he was traveling,” added Solís. It was then that the communicator assured that the actor began to suspect his partner and decided to end their relationship.

“He is upset because he has been quite careful with his private life. He makes known what people want to be known, for example the good relationship with Pampita (…) but there was information that was not pleasant for him to be known, “explained the journalist.

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