“It was not because of the past in Colo Colo…”: Jorge Sampaoli reveals why the “Wizard” Valdivia did not reach his “U”

It is not news that, for Jorge Sampaoli, his namesake, Jorge Valdivia, the “Wizard”, is one of his greatest soccer weaknesses. He was the coach who opted for him when the talented creative midfielder had lost ground in the national team, and he gave him prominence again for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and later for the Copa América that was held in 2015.

It is also not new that, obsessed with football in Valdivia, the Casildense sought to become the “10” of the University of Chile in 2012, despite the identification of the footballer with the arch-rival, Colo Colo.

What was not known for sure is why “Maguinho” never wore the blue shirt. Until yesterday, when Sampaoli spoke at length with The Tenors of radio dna and revealed how the negotiations unfolded.

Valdivia, precisely, was the one who asked the Argentine coach the question. Was it true or just a rumor that you searched for the “U”?

“Yes, it’s true,” the American champion coach replied immediately.

And he described it: “When we began the most detailed monitoring of your movement on the field, I think that players like you, what happened to you that your physique did not allow you to have regularity until José Amador appeared… We followed your final stage in Palmeiras, when you saved to the relegation-only team, we saw a player who just needed to be spotted. That he did not come down, that he was close to clearance, to the last decision.”

Later, of course, he explained why it didn’t happen. And he surprised, revealing that the past of “10 ″ in the albos was not the main thing:

“I don’t remember exactly what the leaders said, it was our goal, a sports goal. They told us that it was unattainable, not so much because of the past in Colo Colo, but because of other things such as economics.”

Finally, Sampaoli explained that “when we built that U of Chile we thought of Jorge, of Bose (Jean Beausejour) who is there and left O’Higgins with us for England. All the players we had in the future selection process were seen for the U”.

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