‘It was heartbreaking’: Armie Hammer’s ex-wife broke her silence, saying she watched the House of Hammer documentary

Elizabeth Chambers did not participate from the controversial HBO documentary “House of Hammer”which presents an investigation into allegations of sexual violence and cannibalism against Armie Hammer, her ex-husband.

The woman who separated from the interpreter in 2020, confessed in a recent interview with E! she had seen the documentary series, and she said she was “shocked” by the “heartbreaking” production.

remember than the “Call Me By Your Name” star and Chambers share two sons, Ford, 5, and daughter Harper, 7.

“I didn’t plan to see it, but one day I dropped the kids off at school and came home and saw it,” he said. Along these same lines, he added that: “Obviously it was heartbreaking on so many levels and very painful. But at the same time, it exists.”

“The past is the past and all we can do is take this as a time to learn and listen and hopefully process and heal.”

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers
Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers

“My life has been hell for a long time”

In addition, she stated that the producers contacted her to participate. “All that matters is the children and our family, and that was not something that was going to be in line with my goals for them,” she explained.

Of the allegations, Chambers said “there were definitely some surprises, and it didn’t feel great.” In addition, she clarified that her children have not seen the documentary: “It is not appropriate for them at this time.”

Elizabeth was clear in saying that: “I consider myself a feminist and I stand in solidarity with anyone who has been a victim of any kind and I hope they find healing,” she added.

And he also launched that: “I’m not here, like, ‘My life is incredible,’ because it’s been hell for a long time.”

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers
Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers

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