“It may be that perhaps I did know you before…”: Sergio Rojas and Daniela Nicolás reconciled after an old controversy

During this Wednesday’s chapter of I beatthe actress Daniela Nicolás was invited to the panel where she came face to face with Sergio Rojas.

The TV+ panelists were involved in a controversy last year when Nicolás ignored the journalistafter he talked about her on the same show.

It all started when Rojas revealed on the program that “that Daniela Nicolás the other day was very much asking about me. She was looking for me in the channel, angry! ”.

After this, the sayings were replicated by the Glamorama site through social networks. It was then that Nicolás replied that “someone told him that I don’t even know who he is, please.” While the journalist replied: “” Jaaaaa what a bad memory I’ll take you raisins “.

“I wanted to take advantage…”

However, the communicator and the presenter put aside their differences and reconciled in this Wednesday’s chapter of Me Late.

Nicolás was invited to the panel by Daniel Fuenzalida, with whom he toured the morning sessions along with other television faces to invite everyone to participate in the Telethon.

It was then that Nicolás referred directly to his old controversies with Rojas. “Before talking about the Telethon, I would like to make a parenthesis, I want to talk about Sergio Rojas”, he launched.

After this, the journalist explained that “we know each other, we have been in beauty centers together and then she made me the unknown (…) Daniela got angry with me because I once met an ex, I told her and she got upset ”.

It Beats Me (TV+)
It Beats Me (TV+)

“I wanted to take advantage now, on TV, to make peace with Sergio Rojas. And to say that… it could be that perhaps I did know you from before”, answered Nicolás.

The journalist pointed out that “but if I have never been angry with Daniela, she got angry on her own.”

Regarding the cahuines that Rojas always tells, the actress joked that “in fact, with the last person I was with, I did not leave the house, because I was scared that you would see me.”

Finally, Rojas and Nicolás smoothed over their rough edges and left the controversy behind, reconciling on screen.

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