“It is probably the darkest stage of my life”: Shakira spoke for the first time about her breakup with Gerard Piqué

For the first time Shakira spoke about her breakup with Gerard Piqué in an extensive interview with the magazine shewhere he recounted how he has lived in recent months after the media break with the footballer.

The Colombian singer cataloged this period as one of the “most difficult and darkest hours of my life” and recounted the complex moment she has lived through media harassment with her two children.

Regarding the breakup, the artist assured that “I remained silent and just tried to process everything.”

“It’s hard to talk about it, especially because I’m still going through it and because I’m in the public eye, and because our breakup isn’t like a normal breakup. So it has been difficult not only for me, but also for my children,” she added.

Shakira, Pique and their children
Shakira, Pique and their children

“It affects them”

Along the same lines, the singer recounted how complex it has been to live this process in the eye of the hurricane and how she has tried to protect her children, Milan and Sasha, from media harassment.

“There is no place where I can hide from them (the paparazzi) with my children, except in my own house. You know, we can’t take a walk in the park like a normal family or go for ice cream or do any activity without the photographers following us,” revealed the Barranquillera.

In addition, he added that “I have tried to hide the situation in front of my children. I try to protect them, because that is my priority in life. But then, at school, they hear things from their friends or they come across unpleasant news on the internet, and it just affects them, you know?

He also lamented how the media have dealt with the break with the father of his children, noting that they have “vulgarized and cheapened” the relationship he has with Piqué.

“And all this while my dad has been in the ICU and I have been fighting on different fronts. Like I said, it’s probably the darkest stage of my life,” he added.

Regarding the dissolution of the relationship with Piqué, Shakira did not want to go into details and limited herself to pointing out that “I can only say that I put everything I had into this relationship and into my family.”

However, he said that after the birth of their first child together, one of the two had to make a sacrifice: she had her career in the United States and he wanted to continue playing in Spain.

“One of the two had to make that effort and that sacrifice. And I did it. I put my career on the back burner and came to Spain to support him so that he could play football and win titles. And it was an act of love”, confessed the artist.

Support from your friends

Later in the conversation, Shakira referred to the support she has received from her colleagues and friends, highlighting the singers Will.i.am and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who have been there for her.

Likewise, he mentioned Juan Luis Guerra and Alejandro Sanz assuring that they are “dear friends who have become people who I think not only care about me as an artist, but as a person, as a human being.”

“Your support has made me feel like I could be alone, but not alone. Sometimes a woman can be self-sufficient. At this point I can be enough for myself and my family, my children”, commented the artist.

Finally, Shakira closed the interview by pointing out that “at this time, it’s just me, the children, my family and those friends with whom I have regular contact.”

“I feel like it’s enough. For now. Yes. Let’s wait for that hole in my chest to close and then we’ll see what happens, “concluded the artist.

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