“It is a hunt without measures…”: Ronnie Fernández explodes after a publication that points to the captains of the “U” for the frustrated arrival of Ronald Fuentes

The world final, as the match between Universidad de Chile and Coquimbo Unido was called last Wednesday, left Diego López as a great victim. The Uruguayan arranged his settlement with the leadership of Azul Azul a few hours later and left the country on Friday. After achieving just one victory out of nine possible ones, the leader who manages the destinies of the “U” understood that there were no answers and that the course had to be changed to fight for permanence.

Names quickly came up for his replacement. The strongest: Ronald Fuentes, without a job after directing Audax Italiano, and Sebastián Miranda, from the inferiors already with an internship in tow —of four games— just a few months ago. And although all roads pointed to the first, former player and former sports director of the blues, identified with the club, finally through a statement on Friday the second was announced.

On Court, in this state of affairs, revealed the plot behind the frustrated arrival of “Chilenita” at the university bank. They explained that, after Wednesday’s disaster, the Azul Azul leadership had agreed to offer the position to Fuentes and that, after a call from the sports manager, Manuel Mayo, the former defender himself had agreed to take the hot iron. But one meeting changed everything…

According to the publication, on the night of that same Wednesday, the leaders of this campus, Junior Fernandes, Felipe Seymour, Ronnie Fernández and Israel Poblete, requested a meeting with the president, Michael Clark, which took place a day later. There, the players would have suggested Miranda’s name to the boss, whom they met after the aforementioned interim.

“Ronald felt handled and even as if his bed had been made, leaders and players, before arriving,” a source close to the DT told On Court. And for those hours, Johnny Herrera, idol of the institution and panelist of TST, attacked: “I don’t know Miranda, there are many sayings, dimes and diretes, who chose him almost than the players. It is speculated that the people from Felicevich’s ranch chose him.”

Ronnie’s reply

After the repercussions generated by the publication on social networks, one that quickly came to the fore was the current captain of the blues, striker Ronnie Fernández, who downloaded himself through his Twitter account:

“There are things that one should not even refer to, but this type of damage exceeds any opinion or sporting taste that each one may have. I have never taken responsibility for sports, but this is already a hunt without measures and falsehoods that come out day by day, ”he started.

Later, pointing to the media, he closed: “The defamation is already too much, it is always a ‘according to’, give your sources and publicly point out the truth. It is the only thing I will declare. I’m still strong and trusting that we’ll pull this off together with those who support us”.

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