“It does her great that I talk about her…”: Daniela Aránguiz’s particular reflection on Karen Bejarano after the conflict in El Discípulo del Chef

The former Mekano girl, Daniela Aránguiz, caught the attention of the web after referring to her controversy in the Disciple of the Chef, sending a special message to Karen Bejarano.

Through a conversation with ConVos, the influencer referred to the proposal she received to be part of the current season of the CHV cooking show, assuring that she rejected a large amount of money.

“I’m going to start crying then so they love me,” Aránguiz joked, pretending to cry, referring to his former partner in Mekano.

“I don’t want to talk about her because it’s super good for her to talk about her, since she’s on a show and I’m not. The only thing I am going to say about this is that I did her a favor by not entering her disciple so that she could be calm. I did not torment her, ”she claimed revealing that she ruled out being part of the program.

“They offered me, and I know that I do like this and I’ll enter tomorrow if I want, but I’m not going to do it. I find it very ugly that she says ‘if she’s here, I’m not here’, because that’s closing the doors on someone. I would not close the doors of work to anyone, since they did not catch her because the day after she said that, they called me on the phone to offer me triple the lucas of what I earned when I was in the disciple so that I could enter three days ”, revealed Daniela Aránguiz.

“I will always have a special affection for him”

“I will never hate her, I will always have a special affection for her even, because we lived many beautiful moments when we were girls. And I always believed everything, since Rose and many others told me not to believe her whining, “she reflected.

“What happens is that the disciple’s bundle is not with her. I didn’t like how they were inconsistent with what I was competing for. Why do I feel that someone who is, for example, in a singing program, has to win the best singer, not the one who cries for the grandmother, for the mother, for the aunt, “she explained.

“For me those are not leaders, and I am a lover of leaders, people who do not shed any tears and in the end take the applause”, he added surprising with his sayings.

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