It did not go unnoticed: Mega’s particular gesture with José Luis Repenning for the coverage of the plebiscite

Amid the rumors that José Luis Repenning left Mega to join Channel 13, the channel shared a spot about the special coverage it will have for the September 4 referendum, but one detail did not go unnoticed.

According to what had transpired, the journalist would join the former angelito channel after the exit plebiscite, since his former television house had contemplated the special broadcasts that will be made that day.

However, this Monday, through social networks, Mega shared a spot about the coverage that did not include Repenning.

As stated Page 7in a version published at the beginning of August, the host was part of the advertisement together with Soledad Onetto, Rodrigo Sepúlveda, Juan Manuel Astorga and Andrea Arístegui.

In it, the journalist pointed out: “What you should know for an informed vote.”

But in the new version that was shared this Monday, they deleted Repenning’s images and left those of his channel partners.

As revealed the filterthe channel decided to leave the communicator out of the information day and his absence would have been reported to the Press Department team.

So far, it is unknown what will happen to Repenning’s future work. The same medium assured that the journalist would join the morning Your day together with Priscilla Vargas, this after the plebiscite.

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