Israel omits Chile in its international greetings

On its Facebook site, the Ministry of RR.EE. Israeli saluted numerous countries celebrating their national day in September. But not to Chile. It occurs after the diplomatic “impasse” caused by President Boric.

Especially since the middle of this year, the Facebook page of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made a constant greeting to the countries for their national day, also through a design that shows the flags of the celebrated country. For example, on July 20 he celebrated Colombia: “Dear Colombia, Happy Independence Day! Sincerely, Israel”.

He has performed the same type of greetings with countries all over the world. In the case of Latin America, it has already done so with Colombia, Ecuador (August 10), Uruguay (August 25), Brazil (September 7), Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica (all on August 15). September), and Mexico (September 16).

On September 18, Chile’s National Day (Fiestas Patrias), was left empty in that wall of greetings.

Hamas thanks Boric for not accepting credentials from Israeli ambassador
Former Ante – Gabriel Boric

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And it is not that Israel discontinued its tradition: he continued it on September 19, with his regards to the Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation, in the Caribbean.

The exception with Chile occurs in the midst of the diplomatic “impasse” caused by President Gabriel Boric by refusing at the last minute to receive the credentials of the Israeli ambassador, Gil Artzyeli, on September 15 in La Moneda. The Foreign Ministry has apologized numerous times, in private, with its Israeli counterparts, after which they resolved to consider the incident “overcome”. Ambassador Artzyeli is scheduled to return to La Moneda on September 30 to re-present his credentials.

The reason for skipping Chile in the greetings on Facebook occurred because until then it was not known whether the Chilean government would make amends for the presidential offense, and therefore it did not seem like a prudent greeting, sources familiar with Israel’s motives commented. .

In any case, there were formal greetings from the Embassy of Israel in Santiago to the Chilean Foreign Ministry, and a tweet from the person in charge for Latin America of the Ministry of RR. USA of Israel, Jonathan Peled.


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