Israel: Hamas thanks Boric for not accepting letters from ambassador

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, which controls the Palestinian region of Gaza and is considered a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, issued a statement on Friday through its spokesman Jihad Taha expressing its gratitude to the government of Boric for not accepting the credentials of the Israeli ambassador in Santiago.

Background curtain. According to what appears on the official website of this Hamas, Taha appreciates the decision made by the Chilean President “in protest against the murder of Palestinian children in Gaza by the Israeli Occupation Army.”

  • However, La Moneda’s decision -according to a statement released this Saturday- is linked to the death of a 17-year-old teenager in an operation by the Israeli Armed Forces in the West Bank.
  • In addition, the Hamas spokesman calls on Chile and all the countries of the world to “break their ties with the Israeli regime in support of the liberation of the occupied territories, as well as humanitarian justice issues”, where he highlights the Palestinian cause .
  • Hamas’s reaction was even highlighted on Iran’s television website, as seen in this link.
Government reschedules presentation of credentials with the Israeli ambassador
UNO agency- President Gabriel Boric/ T13-Gil Artzyeli

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Government reschedules presentation of credentials with the Israeli ambassador

What to watch. Hamas is an acronym for “Harakat Al Muqawama Al Islamia” (Islamic Resistance Movement), it was founded during the first days of the 1987 Palestinian Intifada and its goal is the establishment of an Islamic regime.

  • Currently, it is the largest Islamic group within the Palestinian territories and since 2007 has been in control of the Gaza region, after having won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006.
  • The group has been the target of military operations by Israel in 2008, 2012 and 2014. The last crisis was recorded in May of last year.
  • Since October 1997, Hamas has been listed as a foreign terrorist organization by the US State Department. The European Union, United Kingdom, Japan, Israel, Canada and Australia also rate this group in that category.

Operative in the West Bank. President Boric did not receive this week in La Moneda the credentials of the new Israeli ambassador in Santiago, Gil Artzyeli. The snub, which generated a diplomatic impasse, was explained this Saturday by the Foreign Ministry -after remaining silent for 48 hours- from the death of the 17-year-old Palestinian Uday Salah in the West Bank after a military operation by the Israeli Armed Forces.

  • The incident occurred last Thursday after the soldiers of the Hebrew Army carried out a raid in the town of Kafr Dan in order to locate the houses of Ahmed Abed and Abdul Rahman Abed, whom Israel described as “the terrorists involved” in the death of Israeli Major Bar Falah, which occurred on Wednesday.
  • Abed and Rahman had been killed in the same confrontation as officer Falah. An attack that was claimed by the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of the Fatah party, which is part of the government in the West Bank and in which President Mahmoud Abbas is a member.
  • Israel routinely destroys the homes of the families of Palestinians accused of committing deadly attacks against Israelis. In said operation carried out on Thursday and where Uday Salah died, Israel pointed out that armed Palestinians “threw explosive devices and Molotov cocktails and fired at the soldiers, who responded with fire.”
  • The Israeli Armed Forces have increased their incursions into the West Bank in response to a series of attacks by Palestinians or Arab-Israelis in Israel, which have killed 18 people.
  • Since the beginning of the year, 100 people have already died in the West Bank as a result of incidents with the Army of the Hebrew country.

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