Ingram Micro, Dell and Microsoft OEM share with their channels

An entertaining meeting was held this past Tuesday, September 13, at the Ingram Micro Solution Centerwhere executives from different business partners of the wholesaler came to learn more about Dell Technologies solutions and Microsoft applications.

Sharing an exquisite breakfast, Anita Núñez and Nicole Feix, Dell Sales Specialist at Ingram MicroThey welcomed the attendees.

All of them were able to learn more about the Dell equipment offer, with a focus on products aimed at the education segment, as part of a talk given by Cristian Suárez, Senior Analyst Tech Trainer at Dell; and on how the pandemic and teleworking have changed the way people connect and relate, in a presentation by Paulette Favre, Microsoft Distribution Lead.

For its part, Cristian Faúndez, Product Manager Microsoft OEM at Ingram Microshowed participants the benefits of Windows 11, both from a technological perspective and from business opportunities.

The executive also showed the options for migration from Windows 10 and unveiled Evoluciona Pro, the Ingram Micro and Microsoft OEM portal designed to support its partners with marketing, dissemination and content tools.


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