“I’m happy…”: Matías Oviedo gave details of his relationship and his current life as a father

The actor Matías Oviedo surprised after giving details of his life as a father in the most recent chapter of La Divina Comida.

The former Hidden Truths spoke on Saturday night with Helia Molina, Jorge Gajardo and Mónica Illanes on various topics, including their current relationship and day to day after becoming a father.

“I have lived with Maca for a year,” said the musician, also referring to his partner, a lawyer whom he met at the Bethlehem 2000 Palestinian foundation. “I really like supporting the Palestinian cause and they have called me many times to support the foundation, make videos or activities and what do I know, ”he revealed.

“La Maca is of Palestinian descent and she collaborates with the foundation because she is a lawyer… It is the first time that I am not with a partner who is not an actress, singer or dancer,” Oviedo said, assuring that in the midst of the pandemic she considered having a child , I wish she also accepted.

“It was like jumping into the pool”

“I said: You know what? It’s like the moment of that feeling of wanting to give unconditional love. Now it is happening to me with my daughter, “she said, referring to the arrival of Malu, her little girl.

“It was like jumping into the pool with everything… I’m happy,” he added, revealing the great moment he experiences with his family.

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