“I’m going to die, I’m going to destroy myself”: Ennio Carota’s decision that dislodged the participant of El Discípulo del Chef

An uncomfortable situation occurred in this Monday’s chapter of El Discípulo del Chef, where a decision by Ennio Carota left the broom on the green team.

It all came about after the contestants from each team underwent a test where they had to cook Swedish food, in which Carolina Bazán’s blue team emerged victorious.

For the same reason, it was the Italian chef who had the difficult mission of nominating one of the members of his team in the face of eventual elimination.

“You know that I like this part for me, it’s the one I enjoy the most, because like Tutu, I’m a good actor,” the former MasterChef joked. “I like to play the role of ironic and funny, but with a precise and clear purpose, almost as a call for attention, that this be an incentive for us to put one more gear”, he added.

After cardboard, he shared another reflection before saying the name of the designated in the event that his team must dispatch someone.

“I feel that I am going to be safe with this person, but it has happened to me that we did not win. For now, it’s going to be a nice surprise, but for the better, because who we’re going to nominate, it’s for the better, for the team to come together,” he added before mentioning the name of Nicole Ángel, who was shocked to meet the decision of the Italian.

“Really? I’m going to die, I’m going to destroy myself,” he said through tears.

“I didn’t expect it, because I’ve always tried to do a good job and risk it for the team,” he added in the classic interviews that took place outside the kitchen.

“So, I feel like I didn’t deserve it and that’s what hurts me the most,” he concluded.

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