“If you want to air it, it’s your style…”: Benjamín Vicuña’s acid comment on China Suárez’s publication

Benjamín Vicuña launched a striking comment for the declaration of love that China Suárez shared for her new boyfriend, Rusherking.

Everything seems to indicate that the ex-partner has not had the best relationship after the break in 2021. A few months ago, the actress threw a hard “stick” at the actor, questioning his role as a father.

This week, China uploaded a romantic publication where she squandered all her love for the young artist with whom she is dating. One of the phrases that caught the most attention was: “I fell in love because he values ​​me as a mother, a woman and a professional.”

“A low blow”

The Argentine media asked Benjamín directly what he thought of the sayings of the mother of his children Magnolia and Amancio.

“How did you take the post from China in which she said that she is now valued as a mother, a woman and a professional? Some related it as a stick for you ”, they consulted the actor.

Benjamin replied that “no, I think it has to do with a moment of happiness, what can I tell you?”

“If he is happy and if he wants to air it on networks, it is his style and his form, then he is good. What do I know?” Vicuña added.

After this, one of the journalists surprised the Chilean actor with another question to the bone about his former partner.

“She in a live on Instagram hinted that she was not happy with you,” the communicator launched.

At this, Benjamin responded with a laugh at the sayings. “That’s a low blow my dear, bye,” said the Chilean before slamming his car door.

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