“If you shine alone”: Kel Calderón fell in love with his followers with a striking look

Kel Calderón usually shares postcards on his social networks of the fabulous photo sessions he does. And her followers rave about her every time she does it. This time it was no different.

The law graduate wore a striking look that her fans fell in love with. In two separate posts, Kel modeled quirky, glittery mala pants. Accompanied by a beige body and her flat hair, Raquel Argandoña’s daughter enchanted with a natural look.

With wet hair and looking at the camera, the influencer quoted a well-known song “Brillo” by Rosalía with J Balvin when publishing the postcards. “I’m glowing with highlighter,” she wrote alongside the first photos.

“Why highlighter? If you shine alone, “he added in the other records taken by Patricio Roldan.

Kel’s photos were quickly filled with likes and comments from her followers who were delighted with the influencer’s striking look.

“Precious and unique”, “Beautiful”, “How beautiful Kel”, “You can be more precious Kel”, “The strength of your attractiveness…”, “G for handsome”, “You shine alone”, were some of the messages left for Kel.

Check Kel Calderón’s postcards below:

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